kids these days...

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kids these days...

Post by cait001 »

Do not proceed unless you're ready to facepalm with Picard :FP:

Stumbled on a youtube channel run by a young kid named Arcade Warrior, and what is it? Nothing but videos of him playing redemption machines, ticket machines, coin pushers, claw machines and such.
This is what the next generation conceives of when they think of "arcade"! ack

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Re: kids these days...

Post by Chris Silver »

Somebody needs to design an Xbox game of somebody (first person shooter style) walking around playing redemption games.
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Re: kids these days...

Post by TwilightZone »

Chris Silver wrote:Somebody needs to design an Xbox game of somebody (first person shooter style) walking around playing redemption games.
I think we need to modify that idea a bit. Have zombies putting quarters into redemption machines or slot machines. Pretty poetic. I think the symbolism would be obvious to everyone :-) Then make it a first person shooter. :lol: Once an area is cleared, you can then set it up with pins and vids. That's the bonus round.
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Re: kids these days...

Post by Sparky »

Nothing says "dumbfuck" like someone pumping 50 bucks into a redemption in order to get enough coupons to win a pencil.
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Re: kids these days...

Post by Fifty »

I always viewed redemption machines as slot machines for kids.

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Re: kids these days...

Post by spiroagnew »

I'm sure all the woodrail collectors think the same about us "kids" and our $8K luck boxes.

Different strokes.

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