GALAXY - Award Winning Short Film by Bill Davern - 1980

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GALAXY - Award Winning Short Film by Bill Davern - 1980

Post by OTTOgd »

Award Winning Short Film by Bill Davern

An office worker's growing obsession with pinball leads him to realize life is a game.
Filmed in 1980 in HAMILTON ON.

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Re: GALAXY - Award Winning Short Film by Bill Davern - 1980

Post by shane »

Thanks for posting.
Takes me back to the golden years.
Shane. "Just because I love pinball doesn't mean I'm any good".

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Re: GALAXY - Award Winning Short Film by Bill Davern - 1980

Post by R.A.B. »

Kev, thank you so much for posting this short film ! :thumbup

I watched it last night and it brought back so many memories from just about 40 years ago, and also some unpleasant ones from last year. Corps and computers, fawk !

What ya gonna do at this point in adult life except try to get by without being subject too much unpleasantness. There is no other way now, and lately, less and less rewards and/or compensation for sacrifice or even devotion. No sense of forward movement. Maybe we are done growing that way. Fawk again !

Being in first year film production at Concordia in 1982-3 and aIso heavy into collecting pinballs, these two passions from the past are meshed in my mind forever. Must have seen this short film at one point or another when studying film about 35 years ago because I knew what was going to unfold as I watched, or maybe because I know the subjects being treated.

Again thank you Otto, made my evening better. And especially for those between 40 and 60, have a look if you haven't already, worth it.


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I always preferred the exceptional qualities lurking within any normal state of affairs. But now, our day to day is upheld to the realm of the extraordinary via a world wide web of self-promotion fueled by the new dumb. Add to that a saturation of information and useless hype making the ability to care and follow through with real action quite unlikely. The natural power of youth ( and life) has now finally been overwhelmed, stunned, quieted and sold.

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So once more, it may be time to make some real life adjustments at a real distance from the screens, what do you think Elroy ?

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Re: GALAXY - Award Winning Short Film by Bill Davern - 1980

Post by Fifty »

Great short film. Really captured the spirit of Galaxy and pinball for me. Some great camera work on the ball, especially the tracking shot of the first plunge.

I never knew water cooler bottles were made of glass back then. It makes perfect sense now that I've seen it. Man, those damn things must have been heavy!

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