Drive from Ottawa to Collingwood and back

Need something shipped? Are you going somewhere and can transport a game for someone? Post it here!!
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Drive from Ottawa to Collingwood and back

Post by tartagliag »

Hi all,

If all goes well, I will be travelling from Ottawa to Collingwood soon. Please email me should you require tranport for pinballs or related...


I will post, if the deal if off.

please allow me to introduce myself...

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Re: Drive from Ottawa to Collingwood and back

Post by mrmikeman »

You've been PM'd
Medieval Madness Royal Edition - Stern HD Glass, Mods: Lit Merlin
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Wizard of Oz ECLE (#612) - mods: Gouveia Witch 2.0, tornado, castle, crystal ball, lit emerald city, ramp sign, Munchkin huts, lit drop target, hot air balloon lighting, pinblades
Stranger Things LE (#016) - Stern topper, shooter & UV kit -- Trade pending
Star Wars Prem - Stern Topper, Shaker, HD Glass, Mods: Mirror Blades, Star Destroyer, Imperial Probe, X-Wing, speaker upgrade, SW Armor (Yoda)
Star Trek the Next Generation - Alt translite, Pinstadiums, Pinsound board, speakers, and shaker, full LED, LED&GI OCD, custom topper, ColorDMD
Fathom Mermaid Edition (#065) - Unkown ETA

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