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VFVL possibly AFVL *interest check*

Posted: Fri Mar 23, 2018 7:46 pm
by HPR Pinball
Vidz freaks virtual league possibly Arcade Freaks Virtual league.
There's an arcade freak inside each of us, just check your arcade collection you know i'm right :)

This is an interest check for a possible revival for a virtual league.
How it's work:
During the week days, you set yourself a few challenges vidz or pinz and post them inside the invitation thread.
You know your skills and your games and it's your decision to find challenges that is not extreme or too easy for you.
Example for personnal challenges:
300,000 at Galaga
800,000 at Eight Ball Deluxe
1 billion at Star Wars
350,000 tempest
150,000 at Donkey kong
etc ....
When everyone is set, we play together an everyone try to realize his own challenges. Everytime a challenge is done, you post a picture and everyone make some discussions about everything happen that night. It's like a using this place for a chat time during few hours and play arcade games together virtually.

If there's an interest, what is your preference.
Friday or Saturday night starting 20h ?
One or two time by months ?

Re: VFVL possibly AFVL *interest check*

Posted: Fri Mar 23, 2018 8:02 pm
by OTTOgd
Count me in!

But going outside the vert 60-in-1 and/or the horizontal 19-in-1 might be frustrating for some. Especially pinball! So, I vote to keep it VFVL and simple.

And twice a month, perhaps?

Reminds me, I still need the 138-in-1. I miss playing Rygar, Bank Panic, and Tetris!

Game on!