PWO - Wednesday, January 10th

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PWO - Wednesday, January 10th

Post by MCS »

Our season opener is being hosted by PWO member Lisa on Wednesday, January 10th! Doors open at 7pm, tournament starts at 8pm.

We play in groups of 3 or 4 on four different machines for the tournament, with time before and after to play the machines for fun. The competition is casual and friendly, so please don't let that intimidate you, if you're new!

Current line-up (subject to change):
  • Dirty Harry
  • Goldeneye 007
  • Independence Day
  • Judge Dredd
  • No Fear
  • Robocop
We collect $5, which goes to the host to cover the cost of repairs and maintenance, but if this would be a barrier to you attending, please speak to me or cait001. It's also customary to bring some snacks to share, but not a requirement.

For the address, see the event on Facebook or send a PM to me or cait001.

Hope to see some new faces out in 2018! :)

For women who want more women to play more pinball.

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Re: PWO - Wednesday, January 10th

Post by Murphelman »

This will be our first time hosting and we are very excited. In the spirit of the season we will have some prizes for top scores etc. for the evening.

We will also have Wine and snacks for all the participants in attendance.

spouses, partners, and significant others are also welcome to attend and cheer the women on.

Hoping to see some new faces and help the community grow.

See you all on the 10th!
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Re: PWO - Wednesday, January 10th

Post by nostalgiaqc »

Congrats guys , i love that welcoming invite and i think we shall do the same in Montreal.
Cheers and long life to your new league.

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Re: PWO - Wednesday, January 10th

Post by Chris Silver »

You're group will be welcome to practice your trash talk at the scrimmage with the Borderland someday. ;-)

We might make an exception and play for points as well.
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