FS/FT Star Wars Pro $7500

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FS/FT Star Wars Pro $7500

Postby hazoff » Fri Nov 17, 2017 7:30 am

Looking to sell or trade my SW pro, $7500 obo heres a link to pics

http://www.pinballrevolution.com/thread ... rade.6549/

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Re: FS/FT Star Wars Pro $7500

Postby Sparky » Fri Nov 17, 2017 9:17 am

hazoff wrote:Looking to sell or trade my SW pro, $7500 obo heres a link to pics

http://www.pinballrevolution.com/thread ... rade.6549/

Please post pics directly here. You can't click on the pics in PBRev if you are not a member. Proof:

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Re: FS/FT Star Wars Pro $7500

Postby hutchi » Fri Nov 17, 2017 6:59 pm

Location please

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Re: FS/FT Star Wars Pro $7500

Postby Splitskull » Fri Nov 17, 2017 8:26 pm

hutchi wrote:Location please

I think he is in Toronto

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Re: FS/FT Star Wars Pro $7500

Postby WARLOCK » Sat Nov 18, 2017 2:10 am

Hazoff is Zod in Toronto. Many of us know him well. Member for years here. Posts infrequently.
Zod/Hazoff would not know that this post of pics doesn't work here as he is a member on both forums. Pics would work for him.

Hazoff/Zod has traded this pin to the best of my knowledge today.

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Re: FS/FT Star Wars Pro $7500

Postby Louie T » Fri Jan 12, 2018 9:26 pm

Would u take funhouse plus cash

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Re: FS/FT Star Wars Pro $7500

Postby YellowMustard » Sun Mar 18, 2018 1:22 pm


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Re: FS/FT Star Wars Pro $7500

Postby foonleclown » Sun Mar 18, 2018 6:37 pm

YellowMustard wrote:sold?

He traded it
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