FS: JY Toronto - Sold/Pending Pickup

Pinball machines for sale only please, seulement machines à boules à vendre.
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FS: JY Toronto - Sold/Pending Pickup

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Photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/JkFpzoMFaU1PfDrX8
Very nice condition Junkyard. Playfield is very nice.
The following upgrades were done by the previous owner (person I bought it from):
-Playfield has been stripped and cleaned.
-Metal posts have been polished.
-New decals
-New Car targets installed
-New car plastic installed
-New plastics installed where needed
-New titans installed
-Cliffy protector set installed
-New flippers installed
-Scoop, dog house and target bank lights installed
-Any faulty switches replaced
-1.2 Rom Update included (not installed)
-Original manual included
-Original plastics and car targets included
-Cabinet has no fading although a few areas of chips and scratches.
- no credit dot
The bad:
-A few dings on the cabinet mentioned above
-Left rail has a small dent
-Two playfield issues:
(1) Magic bus return gate finnicky - on startup often does not register - manually flicking it fixes for a while !
(2) Right drain return ball switch occasionally does not register
In basement: - TZ - - STPro (Stern) - STTNG - SS(103961) ,WDLE, BSD, GoT, FT
out for reno: MM -
for Sale: JunkYard, IJPA(Sale pending)m considering selling: CV
Want: Metallica LE
Previously owned: Sopranos, Party Zone, NBA, Fast Draw (12716), Congo, FT, WhoDunnit, CPub, TOTAN< ST (Stern)

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