MAACA is now secure *read this*

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MAACA is now secure *read this*

Post by Azatotht »

Hi everyone,

in an effort to make MAACA more secure, we are now supporting SSL connection.

This means that when you are connected through SSL (, data exchanged between your browser and the webserver is encrypted.

1) Your login/password and pms cannot be retrieved by a hacker listening to your packets.
2) You cannot be fooled by a spoofed website simulating MAACA since your browser will confirm with the certificate that you are truely using the real website (click on the padlock icon located besides the url).

I will be running both non-encrypted ( and encrypted ( for a while and will eventually redirect automatically to the encrypted version, once we ruled out any bugs.

You will notice that some pages will still warn you that there are some unsafe resources, it is because all images hosted outside MAACA and posted urls that are not using the https protocol are considered unsafe. There is nothing i can do about that, but you should know that all internal links are secure and using the proper protocol. This means any datas sent to or received from the forum is encrypted.

I know that some people using Explorer on Windows XP as well as some older versions of Android may have issues, please, if you do notice ANY issues, either reply to this post or PM me.

Have a good day.. and update your bookmarks ;-)
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Re: MAACA is now secure *read this*

Post by gmaranda »

tks for the support and good work!

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Re: MAACA is now secure *read this*

Post by uberhare »

Awesome! Thx
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Re: MAACA is now secure *read this*

Post by Gis »

Will my goofing around be more secure?

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Re: MAACA is now secure *read this*

Post by Dr McFly »

Thanks boss!

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Re: MAACA is now secure *read this*

Post by Mrhide »

oh and

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