Let's fix a DE Jurassic Park (chatty)

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Let's fix a DE Jurassic Park (chatty)

Postby flakeloaf » Sat Feb 04, 2017 9:20 pm


About a decade or so ago I bought my first pin, Jurassic Park #89748, from an eBay seller in Ottawa. It works, but it's never really played well and I'd like to finally do something about that. Preferably without making anything worse.

This is my first and only pin so I have a barrage of stupid questions and obvious observations.

First, some pictures:


The good news: The game turns on and works. The speakers don't crackle, the DMD looks great, all of the switches do things when the ball hits them (and most of them do nothing when it doesn't) and most of the lamps turn on when they should. It works just well enough to frustrate me with the things that don't work.

My biggest issue is the reaming around that Control Room hole (and to a lesser extent, the Power Shed but I could never hit the bastard anyway). My plan's to take a piece of plywood, paint a square on it, bore an angled hole through that square and then try to build it back up again with clear, two-part epoxy without getting any on the surface. I hear frisket's good to protect the playfield so I'll be looking into that. As soon as I can do that without sucking at it, I'll give it a go on the real thing.

Then the playfield will need to be coated in something, but it needs that anyway. The area around the 11 play mode lights just above the flippers has a clearly-feelable contour around the lamps, the D-shaped decals in front of the slingshots are plainly visible, and a photo taken along the playfield shows that the finish has a fish-eye look. I'm going to need to put some kind of acrylic or varathane or spraymax on this, aren't I? How many sheets of plywood am I going to screw up before I get good enough at it to try it on the real thing? I'm going to bugger it anyway, aren't I?

Next up, the lower right flipper. If I hit it a bunch of times in succession it'll sometimes fire verrrryy slooowwwllllyyyyyy, and that's annoying. It seems to happen less often after I replaced one of its fuses (I accidentally blew it out when I grounded the ball launcher's solenoid against the prop rod because I am a bonehead), but it still happens even after I've replaced its coil, leaf switch and the flipper button's microswitch. Ideas?

None of the lights on the left side of that readout (2-ball, Escape, System Boot etc.) were working until I unplugged the CN7 connector, pulled out wire #4, hacked the end off of it and then reseated it. Now they work. Yay me. The lights associated with wire #2 still don't work even after that treatment. One of the transistors on that board looks a bit orangey (bottom-right area of the board, start at the molex with the yellow wires, count up four). And yes, it looked like that before I did the dumb thing with the prop rod. Is there a way to test it without removing it from the board?

A lot of the plastics are broken at their edges, seemingly from someone overtightening the screws. The pieces are long-gone, so I'll have to find some polycarbonate and get a friend to laser-print me up some copies. I've never realized just how astonishingly bad the artwork is on this board, so anything I come up with will probably be at least as good :)

The shaker makes the machine sound like gerbils torturing crickets inside a tin garbage can. Probably just loose screws; I'll have a better look at it when I get the playfield out.

The Galliminus target above the right outlane loves to push itself, especially when the machine's shaking. I don't mind a free 5M during Stampede, but losing every skill shot is starting to annoy me.

The lamps aren't LEDs. I want them to stop not being that, but there's no point in doing that until the playfield's finished. Ditto for the box itself needing a bit of bondo and painting. I'll do the first part; an artist friend can help me with the second.

And of course the whole inside of the box is covered with carbon soot. Cleaning it would be much easier without a 50 pound piece of plywood with rubber dinosaurs screwed to it in the way.

I'm starting to see why you guys enjoy this stuff so much. All those little parts working together, hidden by a giant jumble of wires, with a lot of fun on the other side of it that's "just another few hours of work" away :)

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