Bally 6803 Flash lamps

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Bally 6803 Flash lamps

Postby DrSmooth » Sat Feb 17, 2018 9:17 am

Hi all,
Been struggling with Special Force flash lamps. When I got it I didn't notice they were out as of course in the excitement and the fact that the playfield GI strobe as well. I read that the flash lamps are in series. There are 14 in the game and there are 5 sets that are connected together. So if one doesn't work the string won't work. I ended up replacing about 5 flashers and 1 socket. Still no flash. Connectivity also seemed ok right up to the circuit board. Fuses ok. Not sure how to make sure the relay is triggering to make the D phase for the flashers to activate (see other peoples info to describe this).
Luckily I have another 2 6803 systems here. I swapped the main circuit board and same result. Swapped power supply and same result.
I gave up for a while knowing that the problem is on the playfield or the wiring. Sammy31 came over and helped to find the issue. It must be common to all the flashers. Therefore Pierre had me check the rest of the wiring concentrating on that. All wiring tested ok??? I measured the 4ohm 5watt resistor. Ugh... Measured 35kohm. Replaced it and voila, flashers all work.
I'm posting this as it I've read of this problem in a few places but never found an answer.
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Re: Bally 6803 Flash lamps

Postby Drano » Sun Feb 18, 2018 10:11 am

Thanks for sharing.
I love 6803 games and Special Force is top of my list.
Its a terrible system, but we love them anyway :)

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