MAME upright for sale

Mame Machines only please
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MAME upright for sale

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This game was originally a game caled "Fantasy" but converted to a MAME around 2002. Has original marquee and mostly original cabinet.

Cabinet completely gone over with new black melamine laminated on the sides, black paint elswhere, wheels added, reinforced, etc. Has keys for coin door and back door. Plexiglass over the monitor with black area masked for viewing. Coin door rigged to trip credits, but sometimes coins stick...needs the coin mechs cleaned maybe. new florescent light behind marquee. New plastic T mouldings. A few extra holes drilled on top and stuff for buttons and switches.

Has an old 14" monitor turned horizontal, a pentium computer with Dos 6.22 running a scaled down version of Mame called Vantage. Ipac controller. High-end Pacman 8-way or 4-way switchable joystick (I forget what brand it is) etc. This was the way to do it in 2002. Now kind of obsolete. Some of the games do not work, but the following work well: MsPacman, Galaga, DonkeyKong, Bombjack, Pheonix, 1942, etc. Modular designed joystick panel that can be removed easily to plug in other panels (which I never got around to making).

Personally I feel the value is in the cabinet and joystick and buttons, not the Pentium and software running. Strip all that out and add a more modern MAME controller and flat screen monitor and you're all set!

$500 obo you carry out of my basement but I can help. Very heavy. I have a dolly.

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