WOZ emerald

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WOZ emerald

Post by butch »

I am considering trading my WOZ emerald.............anybody interrested...............lets see what you have in PM please

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Re: WOZ emerald

Post by Spacecadet28 »

PM sent lmk
Pins; Gorgar, Black Hole, Algar, Twilight Zone
Vids; Ms PacMan UR multi, Tempest UR Multi, Omega Race UR, Asteroids UR Multi, Space Invaders UR Multi, Dragon's Lair UR Multi w Dexter and original hardware.

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Re: WOZ emerald

Post by mrmikeman »

Spacecadet28 wrote:PM sent lmk
Hope you invite me over if you get it!

Current Lineup:

PINS(In order of importance to me - Top 3 will never leave):
Medieval Madness Royal Edition
Stern Jurassic Park LE - Pinstadiums, official Stern topper, bunch of mods (Mezelmod)
STTNG - Alt translite, Pinstadiums, Pinsound board & speakers, full LED, LED&GI OCD, custom topper, ColorDMD
Revenge from Mars - Running custom v2.21 on original hardware, saucer LED mod, external sub
Doctor Who - Alt Translite, moving Dalek, full LED, Pinsound & shaker, LED&GI OCD, ColorDMD

Coming soon pending pickup.... guess...

Looking for:
Stern SW Prem/LE
Willy Wonka

Rock-Ola 446 - Up and running. May sell soon.
Seeburg STD2 Entertainer - Converted to MP3 while retaining the original look and feel.

Gone but not forgotten
So many... Road Show, Monster Bash, Twilight Zone, Lord of the Rings, Simpsons Pinball Party, Demolition Man, Terminator 2, Funhouse, Tales from the Crypt, High Speed, Bad Cats, Flintstones, WWF Royal Rumble, Laser War, Laser Ball, Silver Slugger, Batman Forever, Pinbot, 6 Million Dollar Man, Galaxy, Meteor, Countdown, Hot Tip(SS), and others I just can't think of lol.

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Re: WOZ emerald

Post by Camping »

How much you asking ?

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