FT TZ, ToM, STTNG and FT for MM or TAF

Pinball machines for sale only please, seulement machines à boules à vendre.
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FT TZ, ToM, STTNG and FT for MM or TAF

Post by Laterreur »

Hi! I’m looking for a Medieval Madness original and The Adams Family. Thanks!
My games : Tales of the arabian nights, Monster Bash, Medieval Madness, Attack from Mars, Scared Stiff, Theatre of Magic
My EM Games: Sound Stage, Fire Queen, Jungle Queen, Fandango, Counterforce not EM but a junk.
Wanted games : Champion Pub, Junk Yard, Congo, No good Goofer, Monster Bash original restored.

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Re: FT TZ, ToM, STTNG and FT for MM or TAF

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Get some drapes.

90s red ink is notoriously bad for fade under sunlight.
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Re: FT TZ, ToM, STTNG and FT for MM or TAF

Post by necro_nemesis »

Nice collection.
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