CDN Suppliers of decals/art Defender Cab

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CDN Suppliers of decals/art Defender Cab

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Hello all. Been a while since I was active.

Since it has been a while, a lot of the info I knew is pretty out of date. Looking to restore a Defender cab I got a while back but I was wondering if there are any Canadian suppliers of art/decals for the machines? I was first thinking of doing the original stencils, but I now think that decals are probably a better choice as the machine is a bit rough and I don't want to spend days just trying to bondo/sand all the wood to perfection. The two people/companies I knew of who use to do a lot of art are no longer in business it seems. I know I can buy from the US, but would rather buy from someone up here. If not, anyone have recommendations on who to buy from in the US?
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Re: CDN Suppliers of decals/art Defender Cab

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