Top Tier on Tour - Ricky's Arcade [4K60FPS]

Tell everybody what machines you have and upload pictures.
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Top Tier on Tour - Ricky's Arcade [4K60FPS]

Post by TopTierArcade »

Hey Guys,

On this tour, I visit Rick at his home arcade before wave 3 of the covid-19 shutdown is in affect. Rick shows us his home arcade, sweet corvette, and other game room collectables he has found alone the way. Also, I help Rick diagnose a "clicking" monitor on one of his arcade machines. Plus, we chill out while having a smoke, or 2, with Rick as he explains how he got in the hobby.

All this and much more in this video...
Welcome to the Top Tier!

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Re: Top Tier on Tour - Ricky's Arcade [4K60FPS]

Post by semicolin »

Wave one, two, or none, put a goddamn mask on when you're in someone else's home. I've got guys who masked up and followed all the rules dropping like flies in outbreaks on construction sites because of inconsiderate jackasses that think that this is a good idea.

My friends and colleagues are getting sick and have been getting sick for months, losing jobs, losing businesses, losing their homes because other people don't take this shit seriously.

Masks inside when you're around people you don't live with has been necessary everywhere in Ontario for nearly a whole year. How is this a surprise to you?

Why would you even publish this? If you're going to do something that puts everyone around you at risk, why not just keep it to yourself instead of publishing how much of a selfish jackass you are?

Fuck this is stupid.

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Re: Top Tier on Tour - Ricky's Arcade [4K60FPS]

Post by cait001 »

yeah cool collection and all, why aren't you wearing masks? The content can wait. :FP:
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