FS: Escalera spare parts 75% complete $300

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FS: Escalera spare parts 75% complete $300

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Spare parts for an Escalera StairCAT motorized stair climber handtruck.
I estimate these parts make up 75% of a complete Escalera.
Repair your Escalera or buy the missing parts and build yourself a complete Escalera.
See the parts list from the Montreal distributor: https://product.doverco.ca/en/material- ... ity-models

This lot came bundled with another purchase.
I was told the Escalera frame was bent in an accident and all the good parts were salvaged.

What's included:
plastic storage box
2 handles
Switch box and wire
4 cross members
4 small plates
miscellaneous bolts and nuts
12 cross rods
retractable female strap
2 battery rubber straps
2 full height rubber paddings (one intact, one damaged)
2 wheel axles
2 wheel supports
1 complete friction wheel assembly including the friction strap
1 friction strap
2 wheels
1 gear back cover
1 motor assembly

The motor assembly alone is worth $835 USD + import fees
https://handtrucks2go.com/Complete-Moto ... rucks.html

What's missing:
left and right frame sides
front motor cover
front toe plate
male strap
1 friction wheel
probably something else I did not notice

Price: $300
Pick up in west end of Laval
escalera 3.jpeg
escalera 1.jpeg
escalera 2.jpeg
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