TZ - possible trade

Pinball machines for sale only please, seulement machines à boules à vendre.
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TZ - possible trade

Post by sensfreak »

Testing the waters to see what games might be out there to trade for my TZ. Haven't fully decided but the games on my list include TOTAN, Theatre of Magic, Pinball Magic, Lord of the Rings, Deadpool premium/LE. Not for sale.

Looking For:

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Re: TZ - possible trade

Post by Zak Rose »

Dave.... :FP:

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Re: TZ - possible trade

Post by Mrhide »

sensfreak wrote: Mon Aug 22, 2022 8:32 pm Lord of the Rings
I did that exact trade years ago.
LOTR is long gone and I bought another TZ .

I'm with Zak here
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Re: TZ - possible trade

Post by mrmikeman »

I had the opposite happen. Did a temp trade a few months ago to get TZ back in the house to see if I really missed it.

I did not. While these B/W were the top of the offerings 20+ years ago, they just don’t compare to modern gameplay/interaction. Even with Pinsound and ColorDMD there’s just something missing. I was surprised at how “old” TZ felt. Meh.

In any case it’s a personal thing. There is no right or wrong choice.
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Re: TZ - possible trade

Post by HPR Pinball »

Better trade this TZ for a modern Stern, rules are lot better, deep and challenging. For your infos, i reached the final at TZ without knowing the rules at all, it's impossible to reach the final with my Stern Star Wars Premium without working hard and really know the rules, lot more challenging and fun for a long time.
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Re: TZ - possible trade

Post by Cosplay »

I have a nice pinball magic

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