eremeka research project

Restoration/upgrades/fixes/fabrication of pins and vids
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eremeka research project

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I have spent the last year working on a site to document all of the eremeka (electromechanical) machines from Japan. This project pulls from many different sources and is an attempt to synthesize all of the information in to one place.
eremeka is slang (a portmanteau romanization) that refers to electromechanical machines, but also machines with a physical gameplay element, whether purely mechanical or balls released into mazes by machines controlled by integrated circuits. As a rough guide, think of arcade machines that aren't videogames. Videogame history has been wonderfully documented by an army of obsessives from across the globe. The electromechanical arcades, and specifically the arcade history of Japan, has not been documented in any public way. ... ction.html

I'm sharing my passion for it with others in the hopes that some people will find it interesting, but also in the hopes that old Japanese machines lingering in warehouses can be recognized, identified, and brought out to the world again. My site will hopefully be useful to English and Japanese speakers. (please note: I am unilingual)

As of writing this, I've documented over 2100 machines on my site. If you're curious, there's a lot written about my sources, methodology, and the project scope. Or you can skip straight to the pretty pretty pictures!

other places I posted, in case you want to bump: ... a-arcades- ... es.509447/
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