HELP WANTED: anyone here work with metal?

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HELP WANTED: anyone here work with metal?

Post by cait001 »

I am looking for someone in the Ottawa area who would be comfortable working with thinner metal. Either an experienced hobbyist, or perhaps you're a professional that's also in this hobby. But I need the help of someone with more confidence than I. (plus my eyes are bad for precision work ever since I went blind from cataracts 2 years ago)

I have this antique pachinko machine from Japan that I need assistance with. There is a stretch of metal running down the back that needs to be flattened out. It's just a coin guide for the coin to fall straight down. It hits a small lever as it descends.
b 20221229_165627.jpg
At the back near the bottom there are 2 rows for coins, and I want to smooth them out so coins slide freely:
b 20221229_165621.jpg

Lastly, the machine needs a piece of metal rod connected to a lever to just rise up and let a ball fall through. Near the top here you can see a circle in a piece of metal. That has connect to the smaller circle beneath it. A coin hits the lever, it momentarily raises the bar via the other end of the lever, and that allows the ball back in to play.
b 20221229_165634.jpg
Very basic mechanics, but I want it done properly.
I am willing to pay or trade for your services!
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