Bally Space Time

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Bally Space Time

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I am in Ottawa, seeking anyone semi-local with a Bally Space Time.
I've looked at the posts here and I see they come up now and then. Sometimes with a broken or missing backglass, sometimes just a backglass with no game. I just missed out on a backglass that was posted on FB Marketplace in Port Hope. Someone out there has the machine or the glass.

Here's the deal; someone asked me to make a glass for this game. I thought it looked cool so I gave it a try. I am now discovering that every photo shows the score windows in slightly different places. So now I have to learn how to properly photograph a backglass. Meanwhile, the client is asking for this glass. I don't want to print it and have the score windows wrong, so I have to locate the machine. If you can help me out, I'll help you out.


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Re: Bally Space Time

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I have but i'll need to ship.

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