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Re: Name that Juke

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So thats from a few album I had time to check, I know there is many more pics but they are all scrambled in a BIG box underneath lots of stuff, I will get around of finding more relevant picture to the subject in the coming weeks.

On 2 of these picture you can see George Backer sr, one with my great-grand-mother next to his Laniel truck, and another one with a cabinet, not sure if it was a jukebox of some sort.
On another one you can see the baseball team that laniel was sponsering if I am not mistaken, with again, truck in the background.
The last one is with my father and his ex-wife, with the 1940 wurlitzer model 700 that I now have in my living room :D, we all used to call it the christmas tree, as we would use it as such with gift all around it!

Once again, I will definetly go through the box to find some gem :-)

I remember now 1 story that my dad used to tell me about how he and Gerge sr would also make lots of speakers (maybe jukebox?)
and im talking hundreds at a time, for a week they would only cut the wood panel, another week only drill hole, another week only doing the wires and so on. Like a 2 man workshop! I think I saw picture of that as well!

Cheers everyone! have a great weekend!

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Re: Name that Juke

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Museum terra technical

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Re: Name that Juke

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Ah WOW' merci pour les photos Gilles. Je pense que c'est l'autre modèle "The Evans" que George a construit a gauche ou a droit du "Laniel Special". Possible que je me trompe.

And a big thank you to George Bacher (big daddy senior), from this bunch here on MAACA even if we are late in sending thanks and appreciation since we are from another time.

And ofcourse thanks to his great grandson for making this connection work, I think that this capacity to connect is the better side of the web.


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