CRT club welcome everyone (No lcd allowed)

Talk about video games (vids) and consoles from your past and present!!
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Re: CRT club welcome everyone (No lcd allowed)

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HPR Pinball wrote: Thu Aug 31, 2023 4:14 pm Superbe ! Super belle prise ! Ca fiterait parfaitement dans ma collection :)
Tu passe à la maison quand tu veux Maxime 😉

Ah pis tiens, une autre de mes trouvailles nostalgique de l'été
Paragon, Evel knievel,Xenon , Surfer, Cleopatra (em), Barracora, Fathom (project) Cab. Taito/Qix , Defender cocktail and rock ola jukebox

Gone: Arena, Nugent, Pharaoh, Freefall, Catacomb, Flight 2000, Embryon, PIN-BOT, Disco Fever, Time Warp, Flash Gordon, Vulcan, Hit The Deck, Elvira, Spectrum, Amazing Spiderman, Circus, Pink Panther, Night Rider, Old Chicago, Target Alpha, Big Hit, Card Whiz, Blackout, Cue ball Wizard, Space invaders,Andromeda, Devil's Dare,Black knight, Centigrade 37, Asteroid annie and the aliens, El Dorado,

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Re: CRT club welcome everyone (No lcd allowed)

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Ha ha tu a exactement la même que moi !
Je vais essayé de venir essayer cette Defender sûrement !
The video game i want to play is always the one i don't have :FP:
Les arcades, j'suis tombé d'dans quand j'tait pti !! :-)

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