Contracting Soon...

Talk about solid-state and DMD pinball machines
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Contracting Soon...

Post by Azatotht »

John Wick

I am the monster that breathing men would kill.
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Pinball machines I have owned

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Re: Contracting Soon...

Post by HPR Pinball »

Ils viennent juste de sortir Jaws !! :o :o
Dommage Ritchie n'est plus là, je préfère les JJP maintenant :D :D
The video game i want to play is always the one i don't have :FP:
Les arcades, j'suis tombé d'dans quand j'tait pti !! :-)

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Re: Contracting Soon...

Post by Mrhide »

j'ai essayer d'écouter le premier film et c'est juste pow pow pow pow pow pow .... et encore du pow pow pow pow.

LF: GrooveCoaster Machine, shmups or any PCB, specifically Namco System 1 (Pacmania), let me know what you have!

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Re: Contracting Soon...

Post by mrmikeman »

Jamais ecouté ces films et pas vraiment d’interet.
Labyrinth (#21)
Jurassic Park LE (#449)
JAWS Premium
Scooby Doo CE (#141)
MultiMorphic P3 with all 7 current modules + all mini-games currently available
Star Wars Prem
Star Trek the Next Generation
Lady Luck (Recel) (in winter storage)
Gtb Pro Football (in winter storage)

Incoming: Looney Tunes, Princess Bride (P3 module)

Aristocrat Shuffle Alley (in winter storage)

Seeburg STD2 Entertainer - Converted to MP3 while retaining the original look and feel. *FOR SALE - $500 (in winter storage)
NSM Emerald Ice CD(100) wall hanger juke. *FOR SALE - $1400

Gone but not forgotten
So many... CCrLE, WOZ ECLE, Stern POTC, Star Trek Pro, MMrRE, Stranger Things LE, Dr Who, RFM, SWEP1, Road Show, Monster Bash, Twilight Zone, Lord of the Rings, Simpsons Pinball Party, Demolition Man, Terminator 2, Funhouse, Tales from the Crypt, High Speed, Bad Cats, Flintstones, WWF Royal Rumble, Laser War, Laser Ball, Silver Slugger, Batman Forever, Pinbot, 6 Million Dollar Man, Galaxy, Meteor, Countdown, Hot Tip(SS), and others I just can't think of lol.

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Re: Contracting Soon...

Post by cait001 »

I just want Keanu callouts
backglasses wanted: Star-Jet, Fairy, Star Trek (1971 Gottlieb)
marquees wanted: Roller Aces, Quiz Dragon, Strider, Varkon, Dark Planet, R-Type (w/ship), Quantum, Ninja (Sega)
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