Repair log: Bally Kiss sound weirdness

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Repair log: Bally Kiss sound weirdness

Post by cooke »

Figured I'd post this here for the benefit of my future self.

I've been working on a Bally Kiss for a client who complained of several issues, but the one that bothered him the most was weird sound. The game worked and played the correct melody, but the tunes were strange. Some sounded fine, others didn't. Specifically, the opening "party all night" tune was just not right, as was the initial power up tune and the game over tune. Additionally, game play sounds worked, but just didn't quite sound right. Someone who had never played the game before wouldn't even have noticed a problem, but this guy sure did and I did also.

Anyway, I read Todd's post here:!topic ... S1ET6V1Bus

And it identifies exactly the same problem, but his solution didn't solve our issue. So I started digging deeper. Connectors were all good, resistors along the signal paths were all good. Both 3904's were good (I replaced them anyway). Caps were replaced, etc. Even replaced the PROM at U3.


Finally, I replaced U2, a 4042 through which all of the sound call signals pass, and voila! Problem solved.

So there ya go.

This info would also apply to any AS-2518-50 or AS-2518-32 sound board as used on SuperSonic, Kiss, Star Trek, Harlem Globetrotters, 6 Million Dollar Man, playboy and most other early solid state bally's.

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Re: Repair log: Bally Kiss sound weirdness

Post by G-Man »

After I ran into a couple of soundboards that took me a lot of time to troubleshoot, I bought a bunch of chips U1, U2, etc... and now, unless I just want to move the game fast, I replace almost every chip on the board.

It always fixes the problem and it takes me less time than messing and guessing.

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