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Post by Mrhide »

LF: GrooveCoaster Machine, shmups or any PCB, specifically Namco System 1 (Pacmania), let me know what you have!

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Re: Flipped

Post by neo_geo »

"you weird man-child"

LOL nice vid, thanks for sharing.
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Re: Flipped

Post by cait001 »

Awww great vid! I love all the face shots of people playing.
I could watch people getting defeated by a pinball machine all day. :)
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Re: Flipped

Post by OTTOgd »

Fun short.

Cool share, thanks.

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Re: Flipped

Post by Magneto »

Ahhhh ,reminds me playing the vids at the K-mart back in Jr.-high!! :D

nice find!

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