Jurassic Park DE for sale (free delivery to Pincon)

Pinball machines for sale only please, seulement machines à boules à vendre.
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Jurassic Park DE for sale (free delivery to Pincon)

Postby Halfwasted » Thu May 17, 2018 2:22 pm

    Up for sale is a nice condition Jurassic Park Data East. Was told when I bought it that it was HUO and only two prior owners but who knows if that is true. I am calling it nice condition.

    Price is $4200.

    - Playfield nice shape
    - Cabinet has very few dings and no fade
    - Trex moves smooth
    - Strong flippers
    - Custom lighted topper
    - Modded signs and light for the scoops, tells you where to shoot
    - Some Palm Trees for effect!

    - One pop bumper is weak, it fires in test mode
    - there is some wear on the lower scoops

    If interested I can send more pics.

    Pick up in Sudbury. I can deliver to Pincon at Hawksbury in the first weekend of June for free.


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