Manual Schematic Score card LOT approx 58 manuals/schematics

Pinball Parts for sale only Please
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Manual Schematic Score card LOT approx 58 manuals/schematics

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I'm getting rid of my hoard of Schematics / Manuals Etc.
Approx 58 Manuals and or Schematics (Most original - some purchased Licensed copys and others. Items in list with Env or envelope indicated has original env with score cards or other bits and pieces.
I prefer to sell as one lot - I'm get rid of my pinball parts and manuals. Need to free up some space.

I would like to get $150. for the entire lot.

Here's a list of what is included:

Manual Schematics

Bally Wizard Schematic and cards in env
Gott Royal Flush
Bally Playboy
Williams Flash
Twilight Zone WPC schematic Manual
Chicago Hollywood
Willams Skylab/Spacelab - copy
Willams Solid State Maintenance Manual - Licenced Copy
Williams Lucky Ace
Gottlieb Centigrate 37 Env
Williams Valnt
Gottlieb Jungle Queen
Williams Magic City
Williams F-14 TomCat - copy
Bally Electronic repair procedures
Gottlieb Mayfair - rough condition
Gottlieb Tag Team score cards only
Bally Electronic repair procedures
Gottlieb Guys and Dolls
Bally Paragon
Bally Space Invaders - copy
Bally Electronic repair procedures
Bally Playboy copy
Williams Solid State Maintenace Manual
Williams Stellar Wars - copy
Midway Top Hit - lic copy
Bally Paragon - copy
Gottlieb Spin a Card
Midway Flying Saucer Gun Game
Gottlieb Happy Days - copy
Gottlieb Solar City env
Gottlieb Rack a Ball
Gottlieb Flying Circus - lic copy
Williams Introduction to coin op games
Delta Queen env
Bally parts 1976 Catalog copy
Bally Electronic repair manual
Bally MPU schematic
Williams Sky Lab
Gottlieb Atlantis env\
Premier Hollywood Heat
Gottlieb Buccaneer env
Williams Hot Line
Gottlieb Genie - copy
Gottlieb Amazing Spiderman copy
Williams Pharaoh
Gottlieb Target Alpha
Gottlieb Pro Football
Gottlieb Super soccer
Gottlieb Extra Inning
Williams Triple Strike
Gottlieb Mibs
Williams Space Shuttle
Gottlieb Pro Football
Bally Delta Queen
Bally Odds and Even copy
Wurlitzer 1700 - copy
Vendo 44 Service manual copy
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Re: Manual Schematic Score card LOT approx 58 manuals/schematics

Post by WARLOCK »

I would be happy to take them all. I can come and pick up. Will PM you.

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