Getting out and showing Ontario proof of vaccination

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Getting out and showing Ontario proof of vaccination

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I know we've all been eager to get out of our caves and get back to playing games again.

Now, I know you've all been vaccinated or are well on your way, but a common complaint is that it's difficult to find a PDF file that you downloaded two months ago when you need it most.

No worries!

A group of volunteers has taken the initiative of creating a tool to turn an Ontario proof of vaccination into an image/wallet file that is accessible from your phone's lock screen here:

That link will also help you make your proof into a format that will fit well on a laminated real-life wallet card.

As someone who works in a place where I have to confirm vaccination statuses, this has really made my life easier over the last couple of days since it became available.

Please spread the word so we can get back to playing pinball again!

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