Looking for a GPU (RTX 3060 or 3070?) for my son

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Looking for a GPU (RTX 3060 or 3070?) for my son

Post by Steph »

So , did anyone upgrade their GPU over Christmas and have an "older" one for sale ?

My 17 yr old son is giving me the gears that his RTX-750 just doesn't cut it anymore.
(... it wasn't cutting it when I gave it to him 3 years ago ! hihi )

I'm looking for something in RTX-3000 range. (3050, 3060, 3070, "maybe" 3080).

My son "only" wants 60 fps for 1080p, no 4K stuff (just yet...)

I might also consider a full gaming PC if the price is right.
Like I said, he only needs 1080p at 60fps , so anything that fits that bill might be considered.

Let me know what you have.
(...somewhere in/around Ottawa, would be best...)

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